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Update from Trev

Hey guys,

Trev here from your new breakfast show – JACK’s Wake Up Call! What a three weeks it’s been!

If you didn’t already know, I’ve been given a new toy to play with. The man, the myth, the absolute sporting legend – JIM ROSENTHAL! We’ve learnt a lot about each other over the last month. Jim HATES - I really mean it.. HATES - pineapples! (Weirdo.) He also wants to burn my crocs. Come on, you can’t judge me either, I know you’ve got a pair by the back door too! And, Tom (Jim’s son) told me how bad Jim is in the kitchen. He really, really can’t cook!
"What else have we been up to" I hear you ask. Well, I challenged Jim to track down Jenson Button in less than six phone calls for a listener’s grandad. Here’s the most underwhelming moment of my career to date...


And early this week, I managed to track down Rick Astley in fewer than six phone calls! Here’s the most overwhelming moment of my career to date.
Anyway, I hope you can join us for some more fun, tomorrow morning from 7am!
Trevor Marshall

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