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JACKfm to give away £1.06 in smallest ever giveaway

28 February 2020, Oxford: JACKfm in Oxfordshire is launching a new promotion which will see one listener win a grand prize of £1.06.  JACK’s Smallest Ever Giveaway will run throughout the day for one week, starting tomorrow (Saturday 29th February), with one lucky listener winning “a life-changingly small sum of money”.


JACK’s Morning Glory presenter Trevor Marshall said: “This is so exciting. There'll be tears, high-running emotions and dreams will come true when one person wins the smallest cash prize JACK's ever given away: £1.06. I can’t wait to hear the incredible stories of what people would do with a prize like that.”


Rich Smith added: “The really big radio stations like to give away ridiculous sums of money to lots of fanfare, tense music and emotional stories of what people would do with the prize money. We thought we’d best get in on the action, with the budget we have. We’re just so orgasmically excited to give away this life-changing cash prize.”


The competition is being run on JACKfm, JACK 2 Hits and JACK 3 & Chill in Oxfordshire for one week, from 29th February to 6th March. Operations Manager Phil Atkins concluded: “That’s about as long as we feel we can string this out before everyone gets tired of hearing it.”

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